My absolute favorite thing at the moment

The most exciting thing has happened! My brother, Michael, and his wife, Lauren, have recently had a baby. And, by recently, I mean five days ago. It's a boy. His name is John. I haven't met him yet and I already love him.

John is the first new Schulz since 1985. My parents are now grandparents for the first time. My 92-year-old granny is finally a great-grandmother. I just think it's all so magical and miraculous. We have a baby!

My brother is one proud dad. Here are some of his texts I've gotten from him recently sharing the joys of parenthood. (Don't read if you don't think poop is funny)

  • Just nail my first diaper change. And by nailed I mean barely managed.
  • Sometimes when he's getting his toots out he gets this look on his face like he's smiling, which is pretty awesome.
  • John just had his first real poop!
  • Oh man, we just had our first blowout

His mom and dad want to keep some things private for now so they don't want any pics online, so here is a picture of John that drew myself

I will meet him in three weeks and I'm so excited! I'm sure he will appear on my blog towards the end of the month.

See you tomorrow!



  1. Great pic of John, that looks just like him. He definitely has your lips.

  2. Um, you have definitely missed your calling, Stef. I'm calling you to make a portrait of my nieces next!!!


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