Dusty Miller

Three years ago today, Mark and I went to the Humane Society to pick out a feline companion for our puppy, Fred. We named him Dusty Miller, after Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty's cat in the book Anne of Windy Poplars. I love him. My husband thinks he is weird. He doesn't like people and I find it absolutely thrilling when he ends up sitting two feet away from me on the couch. His fur is so soft and everyday, without fail, he always wears his favorite white turtleneck and gray, stripey cardigan. He is a very good hunter and kills moths within two minutes of getting in the house. He recognizes three words: kitty, hungry, and garage.


Here he is looking shy
with his best friend, Fred Rogers
with his sister Pippi Catstocking
wearing my scarf


  1. Happy gotcha day kitty miller! The scarf pic is my fave.

  2. I like the part about his turtleneck and cardigan. At first I was like, "she puts clothes on her cat???". Then I was like, "ohhhhhh".

  3. My favorite is the scarf picture, for SURE. :)


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