DIY Picture Tiles

I got this idea from Crunchy Betty! As soon as I saw them and how easy and inexpensive they looked to make, I knew I wanted to try.

Katie and I decided to make some as Christmas gifts for our parents and then also for our younger brother, Michael and our new sister-in-law, Lauren. We had some photos of us as kids, and then some photos from Michael and Lauren's wedding.

We got everything we needed one Saturday afternoon and it took us like ten mintues to do eight tiles.

What we used:
slate tiles from Lowe's, they were 37 cents each
a paint brush
our photos printed on regular paper

We made our photos 4x4 inches before we printed them and used the 3.8" square tiles

After we cut the photos out we "painted" Mod Podge onto the back of the photo

Then placed it square on the tile

Then Katie trimmed off the part that was hanging off (we couldn't decide if it would be better to have the paper flush with the tile or to wrap it over the edges, so we a little of both)

Then we just "painted" more Mod Podge over the photo on the tile
The Mod Podge dries clear and they all turned out better than expected!
These picture tiles can be hung with picture hangers or you can make smaller ones into magnets (this size would probably be too heavy) or Crunchy Betty said to put some kind of waterproofing on it and turn them into coasters.

A few days later we made tiles out of these photos for Michael and Lauren: 

Don't tell anyone, but I was told that brother cried upon receiving these :)


  1. those are awesome and i LOVE that you sent them to the newlyweds too! so sweet!!

  2. I received some of these this past Christmas but the photos were bleached out and on textured files.
    Is the process the same for textured files then?


    1. Ken the pictures might look washed-out depending on the quality of the ink/paper that the photos were printed on. Also, the less time you spend "painting" the Mod Podge on the less likely that the ink on the picture will blur. We actually used texture slate-like tiles because we figured the Mod Podge would adhere better than to a glossy, smooth tile. But I'm sure you could sand a smooth tile and that would work great.

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  4. Have you made any into coasters? If so, what did you use to waterproof them? The ones you posted look amazing. Did the Mod Podge fill in the voids of the textured tile you used? Thank you, have a good day!

  5. Did you fill in the deviation of the rough tile with the mod podge? Have you ever made coasters? If so, what did you use to waterproof the pictures?

    1. I tried to find tiles that were more on the smooth side but even though some were rough it didn't really affect the way the photo looked. I feel like adding extra mod podge would make it too gloopy? I haven't tried coasters but i want can buy waterproofing spray to seal them!


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