Saturday morning cartoons

When I was a kid there was pretty much nothing better than a Saturday morning.  I would wake up early (crazy!) and eat breakfast and watch cartoons with my brother and sister.

I know there are so many cartoons we used to watch and right now I can only remember a handful. But when I think of that part of my life two shows definitely stick out: Muppet Babies and Pee Wee's Playhouse!

We also had a very Schulzy (and now, kind of embarrassing) tradition on Saturday mornings. Mom and Dad would still be asleep so Katie, Michael and I would make breakfast. And by "make breakfast" I mean Pop-Tarts. Always chocolate Pop-Tarts. And we would play restaurant.  Two of us would sit on the floor of the living room in front of an ottoman that we were pretending was a table. One of us would be the waiter or waitress. Looking at fake menus (or was it just our hands miming a menu?) we would ponder what we wanted and when asked, "What can I get for you today?" the answer would always be, "Ummmm I think I'll have the chocolate Pop-Tarts." We felt very grown-up and fancy.


  1. can. not. stop. laughing. about. our. breakfast. restaurant! we were creative kids ok? nothing to be ashamed of!


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