Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ozark Chili

I have no idea why my parents call this Ozark Chili, is it a thing? I've never heard of it except in the Schulz household. It when you take your leftover chili and make it a little yummier.
heat up your leftover chili

pile corn chips on a plate

scoop your chili over the chips

sprinkle on cheese

and heat it in the microwave

I would normally put diced onions on it but last night I used green onions. Don't forget the milk!


  1. Ozark Chili was on the menu at a restaurant in Houston, MO. Your mom would remember the name of the place. I was always under the impression that it was common in that area.


  2. I mentioned your blog to your mom and she reminded me that the name of the restaurant in Houston, MO was the "Lazy L". Love You! Miss You! GOD Bless You!