I just wanted to let you all know that I had a nice time during National Blog Posting Week and I really appreciate both of you for reading all of my posts.

Siiiiiiiiiiiighhhh... I really am going to try to make it all month but I'm running out of ideas. I'm especially running out of ideas since someone "misplaced" the cord for my camera so I can't upload the amazing photos of Michael's wedding and homemade chili and of course more cat pictures.

So for now I will let you all be jealous of the time Katie and I went to an all-you-can eat sushi place.
yummy salad

yummy veggie tempura
my first nigri...pretty yummy

some kind of yummy roll with EEL
eel is weird

some kind of yummy roll with shrimp...i think?
super duper yummy spicy tuna roll
Sister and I shared everything and it was all so I want to go again! Whatdoyasay Kate? Your treat?


  1. dude - i was totes wanting to go to this place again. prob cause i passed it on the way to the Y. but we still need to try that new thai place first! oh and i think it's your turn.


    when lauren and i were driving on our honeymoon we stopped at this place in lexington and i got this roll with a spicy lobster salad and deep fried red snapper on top. it was the beest everZ!!!!!111


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