My favorite candle

This has been my favorite candle scent for years, Ginger Peach from Pier One. It's peachy and sweet but not in a cloying way, it smells fresh. I feel like Pier One candles have always been my favorite and I don't know why. I have tons of these in my house and one on a warmer in my office and it smells so good in here.

Ginger Peach Heritage Filled Candle

The end.
Remember, I did not promise not to bore you.


  1. i'm not bored sister! i love reading ur blog. remember if you are running out of topics, you can always dedicate a blog to your fave person - me!

  2. yumm, that sounds pretty good. i have really been getting into ginger lately. and by "getting into" i mean "i ate it once recently and liked it but hope to eat more of it."


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