Kitty, one year later

Yesterday was the anniversary of Dusty Miller's GOTCHA DAY! One year ago, on November 4th, we went to the Humane Society and got our little kitty. Mark had been saying that we should get a cat for a while but I was anti because I always thought cats were totally stupid and boring and pointless. I was finally persuaded because I didn't want our new puppy, Fred, to be lonely while we were at work (and two puppies would have been insane). I wanted a gray cat since I knew Anne (of Green Gables, of course) likes them best and I knew I wanted to name him Dusty Miller because that's the name of the cat in Anne of Windy Poplars. His name was Gemini (so weird) at the Humane Society and when they told us that he was found somewhere out there stuck between two fences I knew I had to rescue that lil baby.

Fast forward a year and I love that cat (though I'm not always sure the love is reciprocated). He's so soft and warm and cuddly (though the cuddles are usually protested) and now I want tons and tons of cats! OK, not really but one more would be nice. I'll call her Saucy Sal after Emily's (of New Moon, of course) cat.

November 2010
4 months old
November 2011
He loves his Kitty Kube and sleeps in it every night


  1. Steph, I am always amused by your references to Anne of Green Gables because I got hooked on them my first year in Champaign-I hadn't read them before - crazy I know - anyway your mom bought me the set for my birthday and I still have them. Also I keep forgetting to tell you that your old friend Katie Bechtel taught at St. Matthew for a number of years. She remembered me and playing at our house-I didn't recognize her but at any rate she has a blog - just like you - The Fulton Family Blog - they live in Monticello- anyway check it out. I would be in so much trouble if Starbucks was deducted from my paycheck not because of the coffee but the hot chocolate.

  2. Jill, I didn't read the Anne books until I was an adult either, but they are now my favorite books :)


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