"Instant" Oatmeal

Confession: I don't eat breakfast as often as I should (aka everyday). And I am definitely not one of those people who wakes up early just to make breakfast and eat it at home before work. I'll make a smoothie or put some cereal in a baggie and eat it at work. Sometimes I get an egg sandwich and fruit from the hosptial cafeteria. But recently I had a new idea. I always wished I ate more oatmeal. I like instant oatmeal that comes in those little pouches but we all know those aren't that good for you. They are quite processed and in my opinion that kinda defeats the purpose of eating oatmeal (I'd rather have a Pop Tart).

So back to my idea: why can't I just make my own instant oatmeal? Would it really make that much difference if I just poured boiling water over regular rolled oats (not quick oats!) instead of waiting for it to cook on the stove? I decided to try today.

This morning while I was waiting for my face primer to set and my curling iron to heat up, I threw about a cup of thick-cut rolled oats into a plastic food storage container. Tossed in a bit of brown sugar, chopped pecans (that I quickly toasted while I got the pets' breakfast), raisins, a nice sprinkling of cinnamon and a couple dashes of salt.

My plan was to just take that container to work and pour hot water on it when I got there and see if it worked just like instant oatmeal from a pouch. And that's exactly what I did! I went to the cafeteria here at work, grabbed a cup of hot water from the coffee bar and poured it over my oats mixture (I probably used about 8oz of water).

I put my lid back on and waited about ten minutes...

And now all the water is absorbed into the oats!  See? Instant oatmeal! Well, not quite instant but 10 mintues is pretty good.

And it tastes pretty good! I think I'll do this all the time now!


  1. dude. we are so smart. i've been doing this too without all the fancy trimmings. i've just been adding cinnamon, vanilla, and agave. sometimes berries if i have them. we are so healthy.


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