I have a milk man

"Two days from the cow to your doorstep!" That's the line that pushed me over the edge. I never knew that people still got milk delivered until I moved to Colorado and would see that Royal Crest milk truck in our neighborhood at like 4am if I ever had a late shift at the hospital. How quaint! I wanted a milk man. But I also thought it was kind of silly. Why can't you just go to the grocery store?

But then I got married and, on a whim, my husband signed us up online for a free sample of this milk man milk. Kevin, the milk man showed up a few days later telling me all about Royal Crest Dairy's all natural, fresh milk and how it tastes better and is better for you and how it's TWO DAYS FROM THE COW TO YOUR DOORSTEP! That sold me.

He gave us a half gallon each of 1.5% milk, whole milk and chocolate milk to try out and did it taste better than Walmart milk? It actually does! It's not a huge difference but I swear it just tastes more fresh. Is it more expensive than regular Walmart milk? Yes. But it is definitely cheaper than other all natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free milk from the grocery store.

And now I've gotten used to the convenience! Every Wednesday I wake up and have fresh dairy waiting for me!
Here's my milk box that stays on my porch always

Here's all my stuff I got today! It's not just milk. Why not get all natural cream and butter too? They also have sour cream, cream cheese, eggs, juices and breads. We don't normally get all of this at one time but next week is Thanksgiving and there's lots of cooking and baking to be done! And I had to get the egg nog!

the end