Homemade lip scrub

My skin is really feeling the change in weather and this dry Colorado autumn air is sucking all the moisture from my skin! My face gets dull and my lips get flaky. And what's the best way to fight dullness and flakiness?  Exfoliation!  But holy cow, exfoliators and scrubs can be expensive so that's why I'm a fan of DIY beauty.

Yesterday I made my own lip scrub and I'm going to show you what I did and what I used.

The ingredients:

unrefined sugar

brown sugar

shea butter
jojoba oil

argan oil

vitamin e oil
The shea butter needed to be softened so it could be mixed easily with the other ingredients so I just spooned out about a tablespoon into a small cup and microwaved it for about a minute at 30% power
shea butter before
and after heating
 So I had the tablespoon of shea butter then I added about a teaspoon of jojoba oil, 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin E, one dropper full of argan oil and combined them all with my cute little baby whisk
all of the oils combined
After that I added a couple of teaspoons of both sugars and stirred the mixture until it all came together
After that I put the mixture into an empty, clean little jar that used to have eye cream in it...then I put it in the refrigerator, instead of just letting the shea butter get back to solid form on its own, because I'm impatient. And this is the final product:
If you've never used a lip scrub you're in for a treat! Just take a small amount and gently massage the scrub into your lips, about a minute will do.
scrub it in

creepy close-up of my lips
Most lip scrubs' directions say to wipe it off with a washcloth or tissue but I just like to rinse with water because it rinses away the sugars but leaves all those good oils behind. This makes my lips so soft and moisturized and flake-free!

The only thing I don't like about the scrub that I made is the smell...while shea butter is extremely nourishing, I think it stinks. Next time I would love to add a yummy smelling essential oil (peppermint!) or even use coconut oil instead of shea butter. If you don't have these ingredients just use regular granulated sugar and olive oil...or any good-for-you oil!


  1. hmm, this is great. i think i will do some lip exfoliating this weekend. and lauren's lips get gross and dry too, so i will have to convince her to do it also.

  2. awesome! i am definitely going to try this during these winter months - i've wanted a lip scrub but wasn't willing to pay!


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