Homemade Ice Cream!

homemade coffee ice cream
I got my husband an ice cream maker for Christmas last year and I thought it would be just a fun thing to use every once in a while. My parents had an ice cream maker my whole life and they broke it out like once every few years. I hesitated buying one for hubby because I didn't want it to just sit unused in a closet like my bread maker and my juicer.

But over the last year we have actually made homemade ice cream, on average, about once a month. And it's so good, better than any store bought ice cream and cheaper too!  And super easy. My dad got Mark The Ice Cream Bible and along the way I picked up Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book so between those two I have mastered my ice cream recipe.
It always starts off the same: two eggs, one cup of sugar, one pint of cream, one cup of milk.  That's it! You could just mix that up, throw it in the ice cream maker for 20 minutes and get yummy, fresh ice cream. But of course we have made different variations. Add vanilla and you have vanilla ice cream (duh). Add peanut butter and have peanut butter ice cream (hubby's fave). This week we added PB and cut up Snickers to make, you guessed it, Snickers ice cream!
our messy, used Cuisart Ice Cream Maker
For Katie's birthday a couple of weeks ago, I added espresso and we had delicious coffee ice cream. Once I added dulce de leche and I promise it tasted better than Haagen Daaz.  Last year for New Year's Eve I made candy cane ice cream, just added peppermint extract and chopped up candy canes. A few months ago I made banana ice cream! My favorite one that I have made is Oreo. I'm not a huge fan of cookies and cream ice cream usually, but when I make it it's soooooo good.  It'll be fun to keep trying new flavors to make.
Oreo ice cream

dulce de leche ice cream
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