Habitat for Humanity

Last weekend Katie and I volunteered for the second time for Habitat for Humanity with a group of women from the hospital I work at.  We did it back in July and had so much fun...we had hammers, tool belts, hard hats...we used nails and put up walls! It was an amazing day. So we decided to volunteer again.  This time, believe me, was not as much fun.


We worked with dirt.

This is how the front yard looked...dry and really hard with big chunks of earth.

 So it was our job to smooth out the yard...I was breaking up dirt chunks with a shovel for 3 1/2 hours.
here is katie digging
and digging
and digging


at least she can smile about it (you can see pikes peak off in the distance)

And this is what the yard looked like after...all smoothed out and with mulch spread over

here we are posing with the rest of our team WHO GOT TO BUILD A FENCE!

This is the house we worked on over the summer, we put up those walls!

that's us, Women Build!


  1. haha. i had no idea you took so many pictures of me digging, and digging, and digging. what hard but satisfying work. so little house on the prairie of us!

  2. that sounds like so much fun! did you find any dinosaur bones?

    or human bones?

    that's my dream.

  3. you guys are so awesome. i think your day sounds a little hard/suckie but still... you helped someone in a huge way. maybe next time you'll be on the fence building team! way to go schulz girls!


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