Creme "Brulee"

I had never had creme brulee in my life until this summer. I was in Vegas, tried it on a whim, and then had it three times that week. I thought it would be gross and eggy like a hot custard my dad likes but it's really just smooth and creamy.  Last week I bought a kitchen torch and little fluted ramekins and decided to make my own creme brulee!

Alton Brown taught me how to make this recipe one and it's pretty easy. Here are the steps I took:
start by heating some cream on the stove
then take some egg yolks

and mix them with sugar
after the cream has boiled and rested for a little, pour the hot cream into the eggs/sugar a little at a time whisking well
pour the mixture into ramekins, set the ramekins in a baking sheet, fill the baking sheet with water and into the oven
 once the creme has baked and cooled in the comes the fun and exciting part!
 until you realize the torch you just bought doesn't come with butane...
So now this is just homemade vanilla pudding. But it's really good!