Random Questions

I just stole this from Allison at amarixe, a beauty blog/youtube channel I follow and this was her Monday Questionnaire. Since I'm tyring to blog more I figured I might as well throw this in, so here we go!

1.) Mood: Content. I'm at work but taking a break and I know I have a busy day ahead of me so my day will fly by

2.) Can you parallel park? I CAN but I never have to

3.) What is your favorite treat during the fall/winter/holiday season? a peppermint white mocha from Starbucks

4.) Current nail polish: just Essie's Grow Stronger, it's a "fortifying growth treatment"...trying to get my nails pretty before MY BROTHER'S WEDDING NEXT WEEK!!

5.) What is your all time favorite TV show? without a doubt, Veronica Mars

6.) Current outfit: ugh my ugly, ugly work uniform: an unflattering, shapeless royal blue button up shirt and kinda flowy black dress pants. I feel gross every day at work.

7.) Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? I haven't dressed up as an adult ever so I guess I'll just be Stephanie

8.) What is your natural hair texture/style? really fineslashwavy but not in a pretty way, more like in a frizzy, kinked way

9.) Where would your dream honeymoon be? (or if you've had it, where was it?)  I never had a honeymoon but I really want to go on a cruise to somewhere tropical!

10.) Weekly goals:  To get ahead at work since I'll be off for a week for the wedding :)


  1. i'm dressing up as katie for halloween. if we go to a party we can be the famous duo - stephanie & katie.


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