Monday Questionnaire: Halloween Edition

Got questions from Amarixe again :)

1.) Mood: Mondayish, but kind of giddy at the same time because I love this time of year and Christmas is coming!

2.) When was the last time you carved a pumpkin? Last year with hubby and sister

3.) What is your favorite Halloween candy? Anything chocolate, don't make me choose!

4.) What is your favorite Halloween memory? Probably just every time I was allowed to go trick-or-treating (which was not every year)

5.) Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? I believe anything is possible

6.) Were you allowed to dress up at school for Halloween as a kid? Not only were we allowed, we were encouraged! In elementary school we even had a parade where every class would just walk around the school in their costume.

7.) Did you trick-or-treat as a kid? At what age did you stop? I did sometimes and my last year of trick-or-treating was probably 13.

8.) What is your favorite Halloween movie? Ernest Scared Stupid, duh

9.) Did you dress up for Halloween this year? If so, as what? I haven't dressed up at all since I've been an adult.

10.) Weekly goals:  Catch up on work and pay bills!