Crispy Onion Straws

One of my favorite restaurants is Cheddars. It's yummy and cheap, and Cheddars and I just have many fond memories together. My very favorite thing to get there was the CRISPY ONION STRAWS, an appetizer that is no more. Now there are fried onion thingies at a lot of restaurants but none compare to the ones at Cheddars. They were always piled high, light and golden crispy, perfectly cooked, not too salty and the onions were always on the sweet and mild side. And you would dip them in the most heavenly ranch dressing, the kind of ranch dressing that is so good, our friend Michelle would always dream of just ordering a bowl of that ranch and drinking it through a straw.

For some reason Cheddars took the crispy onion straws off the appetizer menu and that is a sad, sad thing. But last year I saw that The Pioneer Woman has a recipe for fried onion strings on her website that look really similar to the ones at Cheddars. This past weekend I actually got around to making them.

Please excuse my dirty, dirty stovetop
 I had never deep fried anything in my life so I wasn't sure how everything would turn out, but it was actually really easy. I used a mandoline to slice my onions really thin, dipped the onions in buttermilk, then flour/salt/pepper, then into the hot oil in small batches.

The final product sadly did not turn out like the wonderful, perfect crispy onion straws at Cheddars, but they were still tasty.

And they were even better because I made HOMEMADE RANCH DRESSING! Again, The Pioneer Woman taught me how. Instead of adding a ranch dressing mix to mayo and buttermilk, I used garlic, chives and parsley. It turned out super yummy!