I Hate Summer

I don't understand why anyone would like summer. These are a few reasons why I hate it:

  1. It's hot. Way too hot.

  2. Oh, the humidity!

  3. Sweating

  4. Sweat=stink

  5. Extra pimples

  6. Sunburn

  7. To avoid sunburn you must put on goopy, smelly, sticky lotion that makes your skin shiny and more pimply

  8. Frizzy hair

  9. It's so darn hot I don't understand why anyone wants to leave the house

  10. Air conditioning=high electric bills

  11. Your makeup melts right off your face

  12. You have to shave your legs more

  13. It's so much harder to sleep when it's hot

  14. Pit stains are not classy