I'm a newlywed. It's frustrating living with a boy.

I'm such a bad blogger. I've go to do better. I really will try.

I did want to share a picture with the world (three readers?). Was going to just send this photo to my sister...then thought I'd just post it here so I can vent a litte.

I am newly married. I like being married, but he's just a mess. In so many ways. There are things that most people care about that he just doesn't give a thought.

Take this bag of Cocoa Pebbles. He thinks it's OK to just rip open the bag any which way, as long as it's open. He does the same with crackers, chips, whatever.

I tell him that when you open the cereal bag this way, the cereal just won't stay as fresh (imagine the bag all the way full). Also, when you go to pour the cereal, half of it will spill back in to the box before it hits the bowl. He thinks I am absolutely crazy and OCD for caring about this at all.

All I need is someone to tell me I'm not crazy.



  1. you are not crazy. stale cereal and not being able to pour it out of the box normally sucks! :(


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